Meet the Girls!

You’ll be hearing about this wild duo A LOT.  During the summer, it’s pretty much us three home.  My husband works for a company who specializes in gym floors, so summer is GO TIME for him!

I’ve got two awesome kids–don’t get me wrong, sometimes they’re stubborn, whiny, or downright mean.  But 90% of the time they are fricken awesome!

Meet my oldest, Madelyn…(the MADwoman, Mavis, Mae, Moobear, Sissy…)


This kid, man…100% me.  She’s 4 1/2 going on 21.  She’s my little buddy and makes me belly laugh every day.  She’s recently shifted into a WICKED Daddy’s girl, which is equal parts heartbreaking and heart melting.  She’s as stubborn as I am, which doesn’t always go that awesome.  She’s super smart and adventurous–sometimes a little more than I’d like her to be. She’s ridiculously silly and loves being a big sister.  The way I always describe her is FIERCELY INDEPENDENT!


Then there’s the smushy…


Miss Liliana…almost 18 months.  She’s the Mommy’s girl of the family.  She has a love for our dog that I don’t think I even have…those two are inseparable.  She’s also taken a liking to the chickens, so I think she’s my animal girl!  She is super sweet and snuggly, just learning how to say A LOT!  It’s her first summer being able to walk (or run) around, so there should be some interesting things happen.  She takes after her sister and is also fearless which, again, makes my heart stop on a daily basis.


Like I said, these two are with me every day during the summer (except the couple weeks I work 3 days a week for a few hours.)  Most every post will include them–I like them to be involved in everything–it’s forced me to give up being a complete control freak.  They’re seriously a riot!