Brain power at a minimum

Officially in our last week at the high school and EVERYONE is ready for summer break!  It appears all of the humans in this building are going bananas in some form or another!  I know I said I wanted to post more, but obviously life gets in the way and this fell to the wayside…


Lots of excitement in our household lately!!!!  First, the thing(s) everyone is excited about :


WE GOT KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We went to the humane society because I had REALLY been missing having a cat in the house since Misha died.  I had done my research and knew there was a bonded pair up for adoption AND I even told my husband about it to mentally prepare him for the likelihood of me coming home with two cats.  I took the girls because hubs was working.  ANIMAL OVERLOAD!  There were two cat rooms and both girls were in heaven.  Lili was toddling around “kitty cat! kitty cat!”  Rosie (the long hair) jumped right down into my arms and buried her head and I knew I was a goner.  Ramona (short hair) was rubbing all up on my legs the whole time.  Needless to say, we left with two cats.  They are finally coming out of their shells and are the sweetest girls.  My only complaint:  Misha was basically an outdoor cat during the summer because he was all wild and manly.  These two are in for another week to establish home base and (hopefully) avoid running away.  There’s no delicate way to put this…two cats create SO MUCH MORE pee and poop than one.  GOOD LORD!!!!!  I scoop it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. and it’s disgusting.


Other exciting news:  we got our potatoes in AND chickens love watermelon!  We did a sh*t ton of potatoes this year, y’all.  I’m hoping they produce a lot because there are some purple ones in there!  Madelyn HATES potatoes and I’m banking on purple mashed potatoes being REALLY cool for her.

Final tid-bit before I go back to exam prep:  I am officially going back to school!  Classes start July 10th and I’m only mildly freaking out right now!  I was accepted into a graduate program for Special Education teacher certification and am PUMPED!  I can complete all my mandatory hours working at my job—HUGE FOR US!

I have SO many more pictures to share and tons more fun stuff, but I’ve got to get back to work!  I made some cookie dough stuffed cupcakes Monday and you can bet your butt I’m sharing them the next blog post!

For now, I’ll leave you with the cutest dang picture ever of my girls and how much they love each other!



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