Adulting: Gardening style

Told y’all I’d try and post more!  We had a busy weekend with 30th birthday parties, multiple trips to Home Depot, and chickens!  I’m going to focus primarily on an adulty skill I have yet to acquire:  gardening (more specifically:  flowers.)  Does anyone else still feel like they’re a kid?  Whenever there are decisions that need to be made or stuff goes wrong, I still find myself looking around for an “adultier adult.”  I’ve actually nominated my co-worker and friend as my adultier adult.  She’s six years older than me and like a big sister–super helpful!  Flowers and flower gardening have always felt like something I would “get” when I grew up and was an adult.  Welp…31 years later, I still am shocked that I am the adult in our house, and I am still baffled by all things flower.

One part of life I have never really gotten the hang of is gardening.  Flower gardening.  Vegetable gardening I caught on to pretty quick.  I have never really been able to successfully keep plants alive, however.  I have no concept on how to arrange flowers…no clue as to what flowers go together…unsure of whether to buy the tubers (??) or actual plants.  The previous owners of our home had beautiful gardens.  We have tons of lilies, irises, and daffodils scattered in beautiful raised beds throughout our property.  We had one side of our house full of swamp irises, but when the telephone company buried our fiber optic line they dug EVERY LAST ONE up.  I was irate…those things were beautiful and I didn’t have to do anything.  I know that they take off like wildfire when transplanted (mainly because I transplanted some and they’ve now taken over.)  I just lack the confidence to do it.

We have beautiful rock gardens in our back yard that I recently decided to take back from their feral state.  It took two hours of weeding, but they got done.  My dad had transplanted a hydrangea awhile back, but other than that it’s empty.

Empty no more!!!  It may not look like much, and has the potential to be a disaster, but I put flowers in!  We went to Home Depot to get my herbs and our tomato plants yesterday.  They were having a 50% off sale for their flower and vegetable bulbs…Guys, if I haven’t mentioned, I am a sucker for a sale (who isn’t??)  Something clicks off in my brain and all of a sudden it’s like BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN!!!! is blinking on and off.  Anyways, the particular bulb company they carry is super nice and puts other flower recommendations on that the particular flower grows well with.  I picked up some peonies and dahlias (and planned on planting them around my lilies.)  We were waiting in line outside when I spotted the “marked down potted plant” shelf.  Hot DANG!  The plants were either dying for a drink or had already bloomed and were a STEAL!  I snagged a mini lily plant that’s in the picture on the left.  I also got some ground cover for the big rocks we have next to our driveway.  Not sure when these suckers are blooming, but hopefully I’ll have some pretty pictures for y’all!

Strawberries were in the 50% off section, so we thought it would be cool to have some strawberry plants (we also got asparagus and onions, but have yet to plant them.)  I got my herbs and got them all situated and put our tomato plants in.  We’ve done 3 or 4 tomato plants previously and they get so big and we end up wasting a lot of produce, so I just decided on two cherry tomato plants for this year.  We’ve tried doing the normal sized tomato, but they always end up splitting!  Currently, I am ordering seed potatoes online since we didn’t pick them up at the store in time.  We had one year where our harvest was INSANE, but last year they didn’t do so hot.  We eat a lot of potatoes and they keep SO easily that we decided to order some and do it!

As you can tell, I’m quickly creating TONS of stuff to do this summer.  I LOVE vegetable gardening.  I like getting the girls involved, trading veggies with our family/friends, and being outside working.  During the summer months, my feet are usually black because I either garden in flip flops or barefoot.  I CANNOT wait for the chickens to start laying eggs and I keep bringing up meat birds to hubs in hope he’ll cave and do some!

On a side note–we had his 30th birthday party this weekend and it was so much fun!  I got him a smoker for Father’s Day last year and this is the first year we have enough time to experiment with hit.  Needless to say, the smoked drumsticks disappeared in, like, 5 minutes!  Brisket is next on our list–who’s got THE BEST smoked brisket recipe for a couple New Englander’s?

Have an AMAZING week!!!  It’s gonna rain a ton here, so hopefully you’re enjoying sunshine wherever you are!


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