CAUTION: Entering busy season

GOOD LORD, Y’ALL!  I feel like I start every post with talking about how crazy my days are getting and then they just get crazier.  Is that karma for talking about them?  How can one UNkarma?


Figured I’d slap a cute picture of the minis with their doggie on first, since that will be the first picture that shows up on the main page!  God bless this canine.  Two girls loving on him, laying on him…he’s a saint!  He leaves the chickens alone, too!

We’re heading into two weeks of finals for the seniors and underclassmen and coming off of a five-week testing schedule (i.e. 2-3 hour long blocks first thing in the morning!) Needless to say, with graduation, kindergarten registration, garden planting, chicken keeping aliving, hubs turning 30 (with a party tomorrow!) and everything else, I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like to.  I apologize if this seems like one of those newsletters family sends out at Christmas to update everyone on their lives.  I promise when school settles down I will write more!  The chickens will (hopefully!) be laying, the garden will be growing, I’ll only be working 3x a week…plenty of adventure to blog about!

Hubs and I had our first wedding anniversary this past weekend.  We decided to ship the kids off to my parents and rented a lakehouse in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.  HOLY FREAKING MOLY!!!!  It was honestly the perfect spot.  Perfect house, perfect lake, we had so much fun.  I can’t word it correctly, so I apologize! 18928217_922887160983_324447224_n

The view from our dock–granted this dock got progressively wobbly the farther you went out.  It felt like being on a ship in choppy water!  We rented this mainly to go fishing–the lake was PERFECT.  It was still fricken cold because it’s basically in Canada and May.  I actually got a “Welcome to Canada!” text message while we were driving to the store!  There were maybe 5 motor boats we saw all weekend, though.  The rest were kayakers and we had a row boat!

We didn’t catch much fish, but I had a SUPER exciting nature moment!

Hubs was being all romantical and rowing my butt around the lake (while I trolled for fishies.)  We got to this little cove we thought would be good because there were no houses and trees overhanging the water.  I spotted a mama loon on her nest!!!  Then we spotted something pop up out of the water and it was Daddy (or partner) loon swimming.  I spotted what I thought was a monster fish swimming a couple minutes later.  Turns out, it was the loon torpedoing through the water right next to our boat.  Guys, if you have never seen a loon, they are FREAKING HUGE!  Not like heron huge, but big for how small I think they look.  We woke up to loon calls every morning, too!  I thought they sounded sad, but hubs said I was nuts.  Google them and tell me what you think!

After a day of rowing around, we headed back and this happened…


He’s real cute…

Tipped the boat over and dumped my fully clothed body into the freezing water (with my phone!)  We laughed so hard our stomachs hurt and I think I might’ve peed my pants a little…I’m not sure though, I was soaking wet so it was hard to tell!  He got a monster sunburn because we might’ve had one too many adult beverages to remember you need to REapply the sunscreen.  Oh well…I bought an aloe plant from Aldi’s last week and that sucker has been put to good use!  If you’re ever looking for a quiet spot to vacation in Vermont–Echo Lake or Lake Seymour in West Charleston/Morgan.  Fricken beautiful and quiet!

Posts again after this weekend!  Hopefully the weather stays nice and I can get some good garden shots and chicky shots!  I shipped out the 6 silkies that were in the basement to the coop.  They are still terrified of the 6 big girls, but everyone’s alive and out of my house so we’re good!

Take care!


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