Aaaaaand…they’re out!

WEEEEOOOOOOO!!!!!  Our first six chickens are outside!  Not gonna lie…moving them out was almost as nerve wracking as sending my kids to daycare for the first time.

Here’s the part where I may get a little testy…I have been telling (close to nagging) my husband for TWO WEEKS that the chickens needed to get outside. They were getting pretty big and I needed their brooder for our other six chickens.  The weather has been AWFUL here.  I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it has been SO rainy and SO cold here for May.  We had snow I had to get off my car the other day, y’all!

Anyways–we’ve had an OKAY week and the night time is finally getting warmer.  So, the chickens were definitely getting out by the end of the week.  Hubs wanted to caulk the outside seams, which I agreed to do to get this show on the road.  He leaves a caulking gun and a tube of caulk in the basement for me on his way to the job site.   I get a text “OH MY GOD, babe!  Those chickens are going out tonight the little guys are SO cramped!”

Ya don’t say?  Seriously been telling him for a couple weeks they needed to go.  He walks buy them AT LEAST twice a day, if not more.  But, hey, what do I know?

The (almost) finished project!!!  I made a “poop hammock” out of an old sheet that lovely dog tore up.  I’ve been doing crazy amounts of research and didn’t want to have to clean up a ton of poop.  This way, I can unsnap the sheet and shake it out every week.  I bought 3 bales of shavings from TSC, thinking it wouldn’t be enough.  I plan on doing the “deep litter” method so I don’t have to clean a lot, ha!  Luke wanted to check out the coop while I enjoyed a well deserved adult beverage.  Hubs put some hardware cloth on the windows and some plywood over for the night, since it’d be cold.

I did spend about 20 minutes with the girls when they were first in.  I turned the flashlight on my phone and chilled in the coop with them.  Is it just me, or are chickens drinking water the cutest dang thing ever?? GAH!!!

Keith’s still got to cut out the chicken door once the run is in.  I realize this post is taking on a Faulkner-eque stream of consciousness–I apologize!  Survey question of the day:  Do you ever pose an idea to your spouse and have them shoot it down, only to have them pose the same question as the obvious solution they thought of?  GODDDDDD!!!  Hubs and I have been going on about the “bury the fence or apron the fence” debate for the run.  I said I wanted to apron it (basically, put a skirt around the run about a foot out and an inch down so predators can’t dig.)  Hubs disagreed (because digging a 10’x60′ trench 12″ down is SO MUCH EASIER!)  So whatever…he wants to dig a trench I was gonna let him.

Last night…”so, babe, I was talking to a woman at the job site who has 60 chickens and she told me about this skirt thing you do instead of burying the fence…”  Pretty sure my eyes shot fire and my blood boiled.  Obviously, he thinks it’s the greatest idea since pepperoni pizza.  Meanwhile, I start reminding him of his argument.  And how I defended the skirt…and send him multiple websites explaining it.  Little punk!

So back to the skirt we go THANK GOD!

Happy Friday, y’all!  I’ll be posting pizza pics…I’m thinking about a greek pizza 🙂


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