Did I move to Seattle??

Good gravy, y’all, I’ll tell ya what–it has rained more in the past two weeks than I ever remember.  Everything is all green and pretty and growing…but DANG!!!  It’s put a damper on the cleaning up/coop building/airing the plague out of our house.  These chickens are growing SUPER fast and they flippin’ stink.  GUH!

Coop update:  We are in the HOMESTRETCH…of the coop, that is.  I think we were both under the impression it was going to happen a lot faster than it did.  Between hubs working out of town and the constant rain, it’s been hard to get a whole lot done.

She’s coming together!  That X is the human door–which is conveniently sized for me only, HA!  The nesting boxes are done and all the latches are put on 🙂  Keith cut out two windows for some breeze during the summer.  I put some waterproofing stuff on the floor because I want to do a deep litter bedding and didn’t want the plywood to rot.  I decided to paint the walls to keep it a little lighter in there–thankfully, it’s a chicken coop and not my house!  By the time I hit the second panel, I was SO over it!!

Now, we just have to put hardware cloth on the windows, cut out the chicken door, set up food/water, and bed it!  The weather has been SUPER cold this past week–it was snowing this morning and just about blizzarding a couple minutes ago.  It’s supposed to warm up later in the week when the coop is anticipated to be complete.  Then, I’m kicking the older 6 out to the coop and moving the younger 6 into our bigger brooder.

We did get a random sunny afternoon Saturday and took FULL advantage of it.

The big 6 are sunbathers!  They were all flopping over on their sides and just laying there and I was freaking out!  I ran over and poked one and she got all irritated at me, haha!  They’ve taken over the dog house, so I’ve been kicking them out every day for a couple hours to air out.  Our little fuzzies are SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!!!!!  They’re still really spazzy–I’m hoping being moved into a bigger spot, nicer weather (=going outside,) and me having more time for them will change that!  Liliana loves watching the chickens and pulled one of our old couch cushions (god knows why we have it!) out to stare at them.

I’ll have an update on the coop (hopefully!) by the end of the week!  We’re figuring out how much hardware cloth we need for the run and then the project will FINALLY be complete!

On a completely random subject–it popped into my brain so, for me, it’s not that random.  We do “Pizza Friday” every week and our is usually some sort of crazy concotion!  I’m going to start taking pics and posting the recipes for y’all!  I generally take a food we really love and try to turn it into a pizza.  The weather’s nice now, so I grill the whole thing!  Can’t wait to share them with you!!!


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