I Heart Pasta

As promised, a post about some of the food I’ve been making this past week!  Things got a little squirrelly this weekend and I didn’t end up making as much as planned.  I will share some of the homemade goodies I made (okay, some are semi-homemade!)


Raspberry tart things!  At the high school I work at, the first 15 minutes of the day are homeroom.  I’ve had the same group of kids for three years and I love ’em to pieces!  For their birthdays, I try to make something special to bring in.  Some of the kiddos don’t have the best home life and may not get anything special on their day.  I want them to know I love them lots and food is how I generally do that.  Anywho…this student wanted raspberry tartlet things. I decided to tiptoe into the land of puff pastry (against my better judgement…)  I don’t usually use it.  I think I have maybe once before?  I’m more of a pie/cookie sort of girl.  Plus it gets all puffy and crazy.  That is made evident in the first picture.  The first batch I made I put in WAYYYY too much raspberry jelly and the puff puffed up and flipped over, making a giant raspberry jelly mess!  I decided to reduce the jelly for the second batch and pre-baked the puff pastry for five minutes to be able to push it down.  The results weren’t all that pretty, but DANG they were tasty.

Onto my new obsession and one of my FAVORITE foods…

PASTA!  Holy moly…we’ve had a life long love affair.  Pasta is SO easy to make pretty much any flavor you want.  There are so many different cheeses, meats, vegetables, and sauces you can add to make it amazing!  I got a pasta maker at my bridal shower and had yet to use it until about a month ago.  It was a crappy, rainy day and Madelyn was bouncing off the walls.  I suggested making pasta because it looked relatively easy and would occupy her attention.

Guys…if you haven’t had fresh pasta, you have to!  It is SERIOUSLY the BEST!!! (using capital letters and multiple exclamation points for emphasis on how amazing it is!)  It’s also SUPER easy to make, especially if you have one of those pasta rolly things.

I topped the homemade pasta with some leftover ragu I had put in the freezer.  It’s like a pot roasty tomato sauce and flippin’ delicious.

Not the best of pictures (I’m still working on my photography skills, sorry!)  As with any pasta, I use a ridiculous amount of parmesan cheese.  Seriously SO good!  This ended up feeding me and my husband for a couple days, which is perfectly fine by me!

I had intended on making some bread and other things this weekend, but the nice weather Saturday occupied most of my time.  It was a lazy Sunday yesterday–perfect when we’re all home!  We ended up on the couch all together watching a movie 🙂

I’ve got a crazy week ahead–spring turkey season started today, so the hubs is up with me at 4 am and out the door after the elusive turkey.  Hopefully soon I’ll have an awesome recipe to share with you!  We’re finishing up the coop and plan to move the girls outside mid-week (fingers crossed!)  They’re getting restless in the big brooder and our littler girls are quickly outgrowing the tiny brooder…plus, they stink BAD!

I hope y’all have an amazing week!


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