Operation: De-Winter Homestead! (and more coop!)

The buds are on the trees, our daffodils are starting to bloom, and we’re all walking around in t-shirts!  SPRINGTIME IN VERMONT!!!!!  We are all SO happy and grateful for the nice weather.  It was a rough season for illness and I’m airing our house out every day.  The girls are loving being able to be feral children again.  It’s Liliana’s first year being able to keep up with big sis and she loves it!

One part of spring I really DISlike is getting outside all in order again.  It’s not that I don’t love when everything looks nice and the gardens are all ready–but DANG it’s a long of work!  Our summer in 2016 was filled with weddings and the outside got neglected, so I’ve got my work cut out for me this year!

These are the majority of our gardens.  We got composted manure from some friends last year for the gardens and the weeds went nuts.  With all the craziness of summer and having a baby, the weeding got left behind.  We decided to cover the big garden with black plastic and hopefully kill stuff off.  We also have a little square garden and the flower beds on the hill.  I busily raked everything the other day around the hill and pulled trees.  I decided to pull the plastic off the garden today and raked and weeded one of the gardens.  I plopped the chickens out there in their pen (because I’m neurotic) and have them digging around 🙂


It’s full of worms and other creepy crawlies chickens love.  They’ve been basking and taking dirt baths since I put them in!

The coop is coming along!  I’m always amazed when my husband builds stuff, because he’s SO good at it!  The nesting boxes are in and one side wall has been put on.  He’s actually at Home Depot now getting more materials.  We’re hoping to have the coop done and start digging to bury fence by this weekend.  We’re building an 8’x15′ run for the girls to be in when we’re not home.  We have WAY too much wildlife for me to be comfortable letting them free-range while we’re gone.


They LOVE being able to free range.  My husband is always the one who pushes me out of my comfort zone.  I came home yesterday and they were all out by the house pecking along 🙂  They stick pretty close to the basement door, but there’s plenty of good stuff for them to get!  We plan on having them free range when we’re home and able to keep an eye on them.

I plan on doing a blog post at the end of the weekend about some of the awesome food I made this week!  Dessert, pasta…and whatever I make tomorrow!  I hope you’re all out enjoying the weather (if it’s nice) or doing something fun!  Happy Saturday 🙂


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  1. We are starting fresh with garden and are learning as we go! But i keep plenty of books to read on topics as well! Looking good!


    1. elizpmcphee says:

      Gardening is definitely a learn as you go thing! This will be our 5th summer having gardens and we’re switching things up a bit.

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      1. We didn’t garden last year as we just moved into our house in april. The chickens came first. But we are building our garden now. Im slowly learning what works and doesn’t.


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