Coop building leads to divorce…

Does anyone else despise doing construction work with their significant other?  I honestly try to avoid it AT ALL COSTS.

A. We are both SUPREMELY stubborn and unwilling to budge

B. I tend to look at how “pretty” something is going to look, while he thinks of functionality

C. We have two kids running around while doing this.

While the whole divorce comment is just an exaggeration of how stressed we both get, I’m pretty sure at some point this weekend we both said to each other “I love you lots, but you’re making me contemplate divorce.”

Our first chickens are almost all feathered out and I am ready to get them outside!  The weather is consistently getting nicer and warmer at night here in Vermont, and my basement smells disgusting.  I love those chicks, but good lord they smell something awful.  My parents came to visit yesterday and meet their grandchickens (!!) and I had to say “Please ignore the smell and state of my basement right now.  I’m aware.”

The girls are getting bigger and love being outside18136719_912681213783_500731404_n

My in-laws had our nephews and niece for the weekend and they came to play yesterday.  The chickens LOVE being outside and the kiddos were laughing hysterically watching them.  I’m working up the nerve to let the girls roam free while we’re outside.  Y’all–I’m a control freak and working hard on relaxing.  We had two hawks circling our property (which, in their defense, have been there for years) and a turkey vulture swarming around.  Needless to say, I was a little nervous letting the girls out.  Plus, we had kiddos running around and construction going on.

ANYWHO…back to the coop.  I have had this all planned out for WEEKS.  I have scoured the interweb, asked in forums, read books, all in hopes of becoming a chicken expert and making the best house we can.  I drew out several different plans and picked (what I thought was) the perfect spot.  We have a pretty slopey yard, so good areas are hard to come by.  I didn’t want it too far away from the house, but close enough where I could keep an eye on them.

But of course…once the construction started, Keith had his own ideas about where it should go.  I think we spent about an hour heatedly discussing options, until I went inside to cool off.  Next thing I know, he moved the spot we discussed and began construction.


This is from my kitchen window (because I wasn’t going back out there!)  Notice the bird feeder DIRECTLY in the way.  His solution? Push it over.

I wake up the next morning and look out the windows, as I normally do.  I spot THE BEST SPOT EVER!  Away from the house, in a spot of the yard we don’t really use.  I can see it from multiple windows.  Ample shade, a nice breeze, plenty of space.  Oh, and about a hundred yards away from where the platform currently stood.  Uphill.  On unlevel ground.  You know when you change your mind after being SUPER stubborn and feel really silly?  Yep…there I was.  Waiting for Keith to get out of the woods to break the news to him.  I’m pretty sure this was one of the spots he suggested and I quickly shot down, but hey.

Thank god I married the man I did.  I told him my plans and he agreed, as long as I would help move the coop.  That thing was HEAVY!  Thankfully, my parents were there to lend a hand and we got her moved.


The end of Day 1.  Everyone was hanging out while Keith worked.  The girls were playing with some pencils and drawing, Luke was enjoying the shade, and I was in the sun.  Turkey Season starts May 1 in Vermont, so Keith is on a time crunch.  Thankfully, we’ve got some nice weather headed our way so he can build, build build.

I’ll keep y’all posted on our progress 🙂



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