Our Flock…Pack…whatever…

We quickly went from a house with just a dog…to a house with a dog and 12 chickens (YIKES!)

Our main man is a rescue we call Luke


We got him almost 3 years ago.  I was working at a cheese factory and a co-worker brought him to work.  He had been in Connecticut and some people were going to take him to a shelter.  My co-worker, being the doggy bleeding heart he is, took him immediately.   Unfortunately, he didn’t want a dog…and knew we’d been looking for one.  I called my husband and asked if we could take him (he likes to say I called and said I was bringing a dog home…which could be true, I don’t remember!)

Long story short, someone had definitely done a number on him.  I had to hand feed him for a week and he’s currently on Prozac for anxiety.  I’m not talking like…a little anxiety…Mr. Luke tore through three couch cushions, 4 sets of sheets, every door in our house, and ripped the siding off our front door one day…oh, and scratched the bejeezus out of our new car.  We tried training him to not be so nervous, but that didn’t do anything.  Prozac has really saved our family, since my husband wasn’t too keen on having a dog that destroyed everything!

He really is pretty amazing though..he’s a little snuggle bunny and adores my baby, who has a tendency to lay on him.


He LOVES LOVES LOVES snow!  Like…hangs out on our porch as long as I’ll let him in a snow storm 🙂

Now the newbies…our chickens…

We started with six…

One Saturday, Madelyn asked Keith for chicks–of course he said yes, the sucker!  So off we drove to the feed store and picked out six–3 White Leghorns and 3 Red Sex Links.  Love those little buggers–they’ve grown up A LOT in the past month…


Sorry for the dirty brooder–haven’t cleaned it yet today and I never knew chickens pooped so much!

They’re my big girls now and I adore them (and hope they’re all girls)  Their names are: Henrietta, Foghorn, and Dixie (white leghorn) and Rudolph, Thelma, and Louise (red sex links)  They’re super lovey now because I’ve forced my love on them every single day…and I feed them treats!  Their coop construction starts tomorrow–stay tuned.

Has the following happened to anyone else?  You go to Tractor Supply to get your husband work pants and walk out with 6 more chickens?  Good lord!  They had a $0.99 bin of little bantams and I COULDN’T HELP IT!!!!! I always send Keith pictures joking that I’ll bring some home…and this time he said “Okay!”  So, needless to say, we now have 12 chickens…

OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO DANG CUTE!  Love me some babies!  Now, I’m that person that immediately researches EVERYTHING EVER WRITTEN when I get a new hobby (or addiction, as I’m finding chickens are!)  I posted a picture of this little guy and my friends on Facebook told me I had silkies!

Y’ALL–have you seen those things?  I am SO FREAKING EXCITED for them!

Throwback to this guy–because this picture is awesome.  This is Misha.  I had to put him down in January after he had nerve damage in his spine and lost use of his back legs.  I had had him for 6 years and he was the only thing left of my “life before kids/marriage/adulthood,” so I’m still pretty bummed he had to go.  He was an awesome mouser and a champ at taking down red squirrels!

That’s our crazy crew (for now!)  My husband keeps talking about cows and pigs and all that…good lord what have I done?


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  1. Chickens are addictive! I started with 2, bought 6 more and have 20 coming in the mail in a week. Oh i also just got 2 goats! Its a fun journey!


    1. elizpmcphee says:

      Oh my gosh they are!!!! I love love love them and want as many as I can get! My husband is on the “let’s see if we can keep them alive for a year” boat…I’m contemplating showing up with more and playing dumb haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, i started with 2, and then mail ordered some day olds for may, but couldn’t wait so got some from the co-op!!


  2. elizpmcphee says:

    I keep looking at all the online hatcheries! I want some colored eggs…


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